ONE MORE TIME: The Neighbors Will Talk is released again, this time with a new cover and a lot of revisions

I’m so excited about the new art work for The Neighbors Will Talk. It should be live on the Amazon site in a few hours. To go with the title, I’ve edited the manuscript and tightened up all the stories. I hope you like it.

We’ll have a sale soon and mark down the e-book.

I’ve got another surprise: a paperback version of The Neighbors Will Talk is on its way. This is why I spent so much time editing and making sure everything is in tip top shape. Now The Neighbors Will Talk is in print!

Remember fans, The Neighbors Will Talk has the full text of American Girl, Dirty Business, and The Sitter Needs a Ride. It’s also got the titular story, The Neighbors Will Talk, which is its first time in print. In the editing work I just did, I basically re-wrote the entire ending to The Neighbors Will Talk. I think it’s got a much more satisfying conclusion for Gloria and Donnell, but I’d love to hear what you think.

Also, if you want to provide an honest review of the book, I’ve got a few ARC (Advanced Review Copies) and I am happy to send them out. Reach out to me here,


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