Dirty Business

A man struggles with his principles as he watches his business partner’s teenage daughter explore a dangerous fantasy. An adult work, Dirty Business is a short story from the Carnal series.

In “Dirty Business,” Joe Murphy, a down-on-his-luck real estate broker, lands a big deal with young Donnell Blackman and his out-of-town gang of street toughs. Veronica Smith, the beautiful teenage daughter of one of Joe’s business associates, shows up and agrees to do anything Donnell asks for a little more of his drugs. Joe knows Veronica has just signed herself up for a night of sexual payback she won’t soon forget. Watching her make good on her word, he tries to remain professional, keep his own business with Donnell on track. But when one of the boys goes too far with Veronica, Joe stands up for her, and suddenly finds himself at odds with a most dangerous crew. To save his business, Veronica’s welfare, and maybe even his own life, Joe finds he may have to do a little “dirty business” of his own—with his partner’s lovely daughter!—as the out-of-town boys watch.

In the small town of Carnal, everyone is driven by desire, and no one leaves town a virgin. No matter the length, Carnal stories are always dark and dirty. Each story takes place in the small town of Carnal, where it’s always burning, no matter what the season.

Excerpt of Dirty Business

If Veronica felt any regret about her arrangement with Donnell, she didn’t show it. She just sat quietly. Waited. She steadfastly refused to look at either of the boys she had come in with. Joe wondered if she even knew their names. Clearly she did not understand, as Joe did, that they were Donnell’s lieutenants.

Some unspoken communication passed between Donnell and his boys.

Joe pretended not to notice.

“You ready?” Donnell asked Veronica. He put his fingertips on the table and leaned forward as if he were about to rise.

Veronica was ready. More than ready. Ignored, head spinning from the drugs, her body revving with sexual tension, she practically leapt from her chair and then stood by the table grinning. But Donnell had not risen. Instead he let his weight fall back into his seat, and continued to smile at Veronica, his warm eyes glittering.

The boy wearing the hat silently crossed the room. Standing behind Veronica, he slipped his arms around her waist and let his hand come to rest in the V between her legs. Veronica reacted quickly, stomping her heel into his foot and then spinning out of his grasp.

Motherfucker,” she hissed. Veronica sailed her fist around, leaping forward to put her full body weight into the punch. The boy’s head snapped back.

Joe was impressed. She stood there—all one hundred and ten pounds of her—with her fists up. But the other boy had already slipped in behind her and put his arms around her waist. He drew her towards himself, even as she began to writhe.

“Donnell!” Veronica raised her voice.

Her face flush with fury, she whipped her head toward the end of the table where Donnell sat. For a beat, no one said anything. The boy held Veronica aloft, her feet an inch or two from the floor, her hair splayed in her eyes.

And then Donnell tilted his head to the side. “Anything,” he said.

“Oh, come on,” Veronica said.

Joe heard a tinge of panic in her voice. Setting his jaw, he silently willed her to surrender. To accept her circumstances. If she continued to fight, there would be trouble. Someone could get hurt. Someone would get hurt.

The boy lowered Veronica to the floor and began to massage her breasts, his nose buried in her shiny dark hair. Veronica stood silently, her back stiff.

“Help out my friends,” Donnell said. His tone was friendly, but clearly he was offering a command.

Veronica remained mute, letting the boy enjoy her body.

“I like to watch.” Donnell chuckled. He said this with almost an apologetic tone. He shrugged, smiled. Cutter snorted. Shook his head. He had continued to work on the powder through all the excitement, but Joe felt certain that Cutter and Donnell were the ones to watch if things escalated.

Veronica looked at the pile of powder on the table, now diminished in size. She looked at Donnell, who sat back from the table, his hands in his lap, his eyes still warm. That same half smile still playing upon his lips. She swallowed hard. The boy’s hands eagerly roamed her body. Searching the room, her eyes fell on Joe, who now readily met her gaze. Joe didn’t smile, but he tried not to look too grave either. He could see the terror in her eyes as she assessed her situation. Both lieutenants would fuck her. That much was a given.

Joe locked eyes with Veronica.

He knew he needed to be discreet. Raising one of his brows, he titled his head toward the boy she had struck. Opening his eyes wide, Joe tried to nudge Veronica into action. Get her moving in a productive direction. She was an attractive girl and that would work to her disadvantage tonight. The big guy cutting the dope would certainly want a turn with her. Joe knew that Donnell had a girlfriend, but that didn’t matter with something like this: He’d probably go last, do something humiliating. Maybe fuck her in the ass. Maybe piss on her.

Joe pursed his lips. He glanced at the boy rubbing his chin, then returned his gaze to Veronica. The important thing was to get the sex started. That was the best way to avoid any real violence. She’d wake up tomorrow a little sore, filled with semen from a few different boys, but she’d be home. Unhurt.

Veronica looked at the boy she’d struck: he was working his jaw and looking openly hostile, clearly the biggest threat in the room. When she looked back toward Joe, he nodded his head once. Really it was just a slight dip of his chin.

Veronica seemed to understand. Her eyes no longer bulged with fear, but now settled into a sort of wide eyed acceptance. She closed her mouth. Licked her lips.

Anything,” the olive skinned boy whispered, nuzzling his face towards Veronica’s ear.

He pressed his hips against her bottom and slipped his hand between her legs. Veronica allowed it. She had to. Striking the other boy had been pure instinct: Good girls didn’t allow themselves to be fondled by random boys. But now her circumstances had changed, and she had to accept this boy touching her as the rest of the room watched. Her nipples betrayed her first, hardening under his insistent touch. Then the color rose up in her face and her breathing grew heavier. Her lids soon hooded over her eyes, and she found herself gently moving her hips, riding the hand that was between her legs. No longer could Veronica count herself in the ranks of the good girls. Tonight Veronica was a whore.

Reviews of Dirty Business

This well written erotica was perfect length consisting of 131 pages.

It’s about a teenage girl seeking adventure by prostituting herself for drugs. She unknowingly agrees to basically a gang bang  while a friend of her father’s must watch. Even though she freaks out at first, she manages to thoroughly enjoy each “obstical” including vaginal sex, blow jobs, bukake, virgin anal sex, and swallowing for the first time all in front of an audience.

If you’re not accustomed to hardcore erotica, this book is not for you. But if you like it hot, dirty, and extremely naughty, this is a must read! Barnes & Noble reader

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