Needy Girls #1, only 0.99 cents for a limited time

What if dropping to your knees for a few minutes could solve all your problems?

The hot vixens in these stories decide to kneel to satisfy some need, real or imagined.

But sometimes kneeling brings its own set of problems.

In these stories, after the kneeling part is over, it’s time for the hot, hard, and unprotected part. These brats kneel to solve one problem, only to find themselves stretched out on their backs with a different kind of problem, a problem that includes a hot pool of wet, creamy baby batter, simmering in the oven.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire…

If by fire you mean a creamy stew of baby batter (and of course we do!)

This book contains the full text of Gabby Needs a Gangster, Jennifer Needs a Job and Marley Needs a Meal.

Get it now!

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