What stories are in the collections?

The e-book pictured on the left includes all the stories listed to its right.

Carnal stories

Stories from the little town with the big… heart.

Summer Shorts herlasttrick bastard Aint No Shame - High Resolution

* Summer Shorts also includes stories not sold as singles, such as The Sitter Needs a Ride, Sex Anonymous, and Goodbye Roger.

Summer Shorts 2 Tricked001 BenchWarrant1-mini MEN

SummerShorts3-cor americangirl-mini A Good girl is an Easy Sacrifice Five Finger Discount Cover

SummerShorts4-02 rainbowparty (2) snowball two-bridesmaids525x840

 BenchWarrant1-mini americangirl-mini dirtybusiness2000x3200

* The Neighbors Will Talk also contains The Sitter Needs a Ride and revised version of Bench Warrant (more info).

 herlasttrick bastard Aint No Shame - High Resolution

* Summer Shorts: Anniversary Edition includes The Newcomer and The Fathers of Swimmers Around the Globe Wish to Salute the Illustrious Kim Jong-un and his Mighty Olympic Swim Team (plus all the content from the original Summer Shorts).


First person, hot.

Dirty True Confessions  debutantefall regrets fame

Needy Girls

What if dropping to your knees for a few minutes could solve all your problems?