Summer Shorts

Three short stories: A parent pays and then has sex with his teenage babysitter on the drive to her house; a lonely transient girl looks for a little adventure on a rainy night; and a teen uses a camera to get even with her former boyfriend. An adult work, Summer Shorts features flash fiction from the Carnal series.

Carnal is a small town where you learn early on to always “accommodate your neighbor’s needs,” as Joe Murphy mentions in the first story, “The Sitter Needs a Ride.” Joe should know: he has offered a teenage girl from the local church an opportunity to earn the esteem of her aunt by babysitting his children. Imagine Joe’s surprise, then, when he discovers that young Gloria is blowing some boy when she is supposed to be watching his kids. After getting rid of the boy, Joe will have to take Gloria home in his car. But before the night is through, Joe’s Volvo may not be the only thing sweet Gloria will get to ride.

All the girls in these stories are strong and independent. They’re smart. The girls from Summer Shorts have hidden reserves they may not even fully understand themselves. In “Sex Anonymous,” Don finds a lonely transient girl at one of Carnal’s local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and offers her a lift home. She wants something from Don. He will yield to his own needs time and again, eventually deciding to give this young girl a
little surprise, but he may be in for a small, pleasant surprise of his own.

Whatever awaits Don, it will not be the kind of surprise that young Roger receives from the blue-haired girl wearing a Carnal High T-shirt in the story, “Goodbye Roger.” This sexy little tart leaves us with found footage that documents her shameless cuckolding of her former boyfriend, who presumably cheated on her, and probably deserves everything he gets. Especially if what he got was a copy of this sweltering video produced just for him by this little hottie.

Summer Shorts are brief, erotic stories, just long enough to get you sizzling. Each story takes place in the small town of Carnal, where it’s always burning, no matter what the season.

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