Dirty Business: REVISED!

That’s right. I revised Dirty Business.

Why did I do it? I thought of a way I could make it better. Now the entire story is told from the perspective of Joe Murphy.  Previously I had included the POV of a few different characters, but I thought the reader might get a better sense for Joe if the story came primarily from him and the anonymous third person narrator.

Originally I did this story to make Joe a more likable character. I’m not really sure it’s possible to make Joe a likable guy, but I do believe it’s possible to tell an interesting story with Joe Murphy at the helm. And I do think the story is interesting. In addition to the change in POV, I also fleshed out the paranormal aspects of Carnal a little more. I am really enjoying what I came up with.

In fact, I’m going to celebrate by designing a new cover and uploading it some time soon.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the story now, free, on Smashwords right now (and on Amazon in a few hours). The revision won’t get to the other retailers until I update the cover at Smashwords. I’d love to hear your feedback on the revision! I liked the first edition, but I think this revision is a fine upgrade.

If you don’t get it from either of those places, don’t worry. This month I’m going to end the summer promotion of all my books, but I’m going to keep a few titles free, including Dirty Business.

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