Five Finger Discount Free with Smashwords Coupon



I just published Five Finger Discount, my new gay(ish) romance over at Smashwords. Why do I say gay-ish? Well, it features Jimmy Manley, a straight boy who loves gay sex. Jimmy first appeared in Tricked and he’s definitely gay-ish. If I say it’s a gay romance, people will get the wrong idea.

I really like this story. My wife says it’s too slow in the beginning, and she is probably right, but you will be rewarded if you make it to the end, because it’s just the sweetest ending. I really like the ending a lot. Jimmy gets his gay groove on.

Anyhow, to celebrate all of you, my wonderful blog patrons, I’m giving Five Finger Discount away free, with a Smashwords coupon, for you folks that are reading this page.

Here is what you do:

  1. Go to the Five Finger Discount page on Smashwords.
  2. Add Five Finger Discount by Huck Pilgrim to your cart.
  3. Enter this code for 100% off: CZ28M

If you like it, leave me a review. Leave it on Smashwords or here. And if you don’t like it? Leave me a nice comment anyhow! 🙂

One thought on “Five Finger Discount Free with Smashwords Coupon

  1. After thinking about it, I realized it made more sense to just offer the title free, sans coupon. Have it my friends! Leave me a review if you like the work, or even if you don’t. 🙂

    I love to read your comments.


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