She groaned weekly . . . (every Tuesday)

Homonyms! The bane of independent erotic presses. Nothing is less erotic than reading something like this:

“She groaned weekly.”

Really? Every Tuesday perhaps? Or how about this:

“He lifted his t-shirt, revealing his dark naval.”

Wait, what? Was it a dark tattoo he got at the naval academy? Stupid grammatical errors worm their way into all my stories. I look for them. I cringe when I find them in a published story. I found variations of both of the errors highlighted here in a story I recently published. The spell checker is no help. I know the difference between the words, but that’s no guarantee they won’t show up. Sometimes my eyes pass right over these mistakes without catching them. I get so familiar with the text, I don’t even see the errors. Or maybe I’m just a lousy editor.

The good news is that these problems simple to fix. When I find an error like this, I republish. One day I hope to be able to hire an editor. Woudln’t that be glorious? 

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