Some numbers from the last year

I haven’t done a numbers post in a while.

This is a total royalties for last year.

And this is totals for the last few (full) years. As you can see, profits are up. Last year was the best year yet. But I haven’t subtracted any of my costs. I’ve been experimenting with paid promotions since 2015.

I have to factor in costs somehow. But not for this post!

Royalty breakdown by channel

Here are breakdowns by channel. I’m only showing the last few years, but I’ve always been wide. I’m investing more effort in Google since 2015, when I first started there. Not sure why, but most of my promotion money is spent advertising books on Amazon. This year I want to spend some time on the books that are wide.

Bestsellers for 2018

These are the bestsellers for 2018.

KNEP numbers

KNEP numbers.

Fuck KNEP by the way. I cycle new books in for one or two cycles. If I do a collection, I pull any stories that are wide until the collection is done in KNEP. It’s a big PIA.

KNEP as a percentage of total Amazon revenue

Here is the KNEP percentage of my Amazon royalty. Go up to the channel numbers to see the Amazon totals. So here is the question: is the 14% I made in KNEP last year, for example, better than what I might have made with all those titles wide?

I’m not sure it is.

Or, to put it another way, Fuck KNEP.

Paperback sales for 2018

Paperbacks. $13.


Not much going on here. But the good new is that I fixed paperback pricing recently, so these numbers will get better. In the past, I made like a $0.24 off each paperback sale (or something). I finally realized that I had to bump up the prices. Now I make a little more on each sale.

Finally, here is the release list.

I was pushing out the books in 2018, trying different strategies. I got a lot done: More Needy Girl stories, another Needy Girl collection, a bunch of Carnal collections finally published, a new Anna story and another rebrand of the original Anna story. I started doing some unrepentant addict stories, which I have another — The Education of Gloria Dean — in the works this year.

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