Bride America, the gripping and hot story of immigration gone wrong, is free at Smashwords for a few days


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Bride America is one of last year’s titles (2018). it’s the gripping story of a young man who meets an immigrant girl, who wants to be an American and is willing to go to great lengths to make her immigrant dreams come true. 

You don’t want to miss this. 

Excerpt from Bride America

Amani wanted me to marry her.

She was young, just a teenager or maybe in her early twenties. A slender girl with big brown eyes and plump cheeks. I was close to thirty. We met in a night class at Bronx Community College. She was from a small island country in the Caribbean and lived in the projects with an older sister and a few siblings. One of the first times I met her family, someone shoved a picture of Amani into my hands. She was maybe thirteen or fourteen in the picture, all knobby knees and elbows, skin blackened by the tropical sun. She was mortified that I’d seen that picture but suffered the indignity with grace. She knew her family doted on her, confident she was their princess. They dressed her in designer clothes, sent her to the salon for her hair, and always kept her smelling fresh and pampered. Amani was one of the last to arrive in America. She’d let her visa expire and then settled into her new life as an undocumented alien. She could go to school but couldn’t get a decent job or do much else. Marriage offered a quick path around the immigration laws, so she set out to secure herself an American man.

The biggest problem with the plan was me. I had already been married once and had no interest in doing it again. I just wanted Amani for sex.

Maybe that sounds mercenary, but it wasn’t like that. I didn’t realize she wanted us to get married until well after we’d already started a physical relationship. The first night we went out, she got down on her knees and sucked my dick. She wasn’t particularly good at giving head and required a lot of coaching, but I didn’t mind. It wasn’t Amani’s experience that drew me to her. It was how she approached our relationship. She encouraged me to fuck her, to casually use her body to satisfy all of my whims. I’d never been involved in anything like that before and haven’t seen anything like it since.

People say that if you’re born in America, it’s as good as winning the lottery. Amani understood this. She weighed the benefits, calculated the cost, and then set aside her decency and did all the dirty things necessary to secure a man. Of course, I didn’t realize any of this at the time. I had to discover it, exploring the boundaries of a relationship I didn’t really want, but soon found I couldn’t turn away from.

It was an addiction or maybe an ethical challenge I just couldn’t rise high enough to meet. I used, humiliated, and degraded that sweet little island girl until I made myself sick with guilt and shame.

It may have been the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.

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