The new girls in town are needy girls

Needy Girls #2 is available now

This collection contains Allie Needs an Audition, Betty Needs a Bull, and Donna Needs a Drink.

  • Allie is a girl who can’t say no, and her mother’s boyfriend mistakenly sends her to his pornographer friend for some studio time. Allie is hesitant, but her mother wants her to become a star, so she does all the dirty things the photographer asks her to do. 
  • Betty regrets never going to college but is happily married to the same big-dicked boy she went out with in high school. She finally gets her dream job, but only because her boss knows Betty is the kind of girl who will do anything to succeed. 
  • Donna has a little too much to drink one night. But it’s cool because she has just met a new male friend, and he’s attractive. Sometimes a girl just needs a little alcohol to drive off all those nasty inhibitions and let her true nature shine though. 

2 thoughts on “The new girls in town are needy girls

  1. Just finished “Betty Needs a Bull”. Great story! One question: am I unusually depraved, or was I supposed to turn the last page and then wonder if Betty has sex with her son?

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    1. Hey, Don! It’s super hard for a guy like me to gauge run-of-the-mill depravity much less the unusual stuff. I think we both know the real question is, What can you do with a girl like Betty? Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate the kind words.


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