Anna, the girl with the golden hair who ignites naughty dreams

Does anyone know the name Anna Marek? (Or possibly, Anuschka Marek (SFW), which is how she’s listed on her IMDB page). Anna might have been the first porn model to achieve Internet fame. In the early 90s, she did a series of photoshoots for Color Climax that appeared on every BBS everywhere for a really long time. Soon the Web and browsers came along and her pictures moved there, where they remain available today, if you want to take a look (NSFW). Her popularity was certainly due to her innocent good looks — long blonde hair, blue eyes, small shapely figure — but also the fact that she did scorching hot photoshoots with older, middle aged men. If Anna was eighteen (and there were rumors that she’d done her early shoots in Denmark, where the laws at the time allowed girls younger than eighteen to pose for porn), then she was posing with men in their thirties or forties. A white-haired gentlemen with a paunch who looks like a school teacher. A thirty-something black man with Jerry curls. A hispanic man with a jailhouse tattoo of a peace sign between thumb and fingers on one of his hands.

I have always been fascinated with Anna. I choose two of her photoshoots to model my new series Anna’s Ecstasy. And I hope to do a few more. The lore with Anna is that she grew up in Poland, her father created porn, and he was determined that she not do porn. Ignoring her father’s wishes, she left home to do porn and an Internet legend was made.

In my stories, Anna is a beautiful Polish girl as a salute to the real Anna. I wanted to accentuate her youth and innocence, so I put her in a super religious family fighting the dogma and morals such a family would instill in a young girl. She has a warped sense of sexuality and is obsessed with whores and prostituting herself, and of course she has all the yearnings that any young person would have. I hope this is an explosive mix of desire and struggle for a series.

My first Anna story is Forget the Rapture, Here’s Anna. It’s free for a few days (Aug 20 – 22), but then it goes back to 2.99, so you know what to do. But, also, the second books is out! It’s called Anna Eats at the Cafeteria Taboo and I just released it earlier this week, so it’s still 99 cents, but it will go up soon, so get it while it’s still a bargain.

I base the sex action from my stories on specific photoshoots from Color Climax. Yes, it’s true. For Forget the Rapture, Here’s Anna, I’m using Hungry Hole (NSFW) from Teenage School Girls #35 (NSFW). For Anna Eats at the Cafeteria Taboo, I’m using Randy Anna (NSFW) from Teenage Sex #72 (NSFW).

I hope you like the new Anna series!

Don’t forget to review the books. Give them FIVE stars and let me know what you think. Books with FIVE starts do a little better in the marketplace. If you have ideas for Anna stories or want to vote on the next Color Climax photoshoot to use for a story, let me know. I love those kinds of suggestions.

Next time, I have some Needy Girl updates for you. Meanwhile, for those that just want the deals, go here for Anna Eats at the Cafeteria Taboo, just released (99 cents for a limited time, or free in KU). Also, the start of the series Forget the Rapture, Here’s Anna is going to be free for a few days.

Btw, Forget the Rapture, Here’s Anna is actually a rebrand of Hungry Hole, which was then rebranded to Left Behind. Those titles didn’t sell a lot, so I thought I would regroup and use a new title and new cover to celebrate releasing the second story in the series, Anna Eats at the Cafeteria Taboo.

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