Prom Night from Huck Pilgrim

I’ve got a new release this week! Right now, it’s only .99 cents (for a limited time). If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it free.

Annabelle is sweet, innocent.

Before tonight, she’d never even spoken to a black man. Now it’s prom night, and Malik is selling her to her best friend’s dad.

Has Annabelle gone too far?

In a wicked night of abandon, Annabelle rides a roller-coaster of shame and lust—the oldest profession in the world, video cameras, and a train of insatiable black guys. Even murder.

When Prom Night is over, will Annabelle be able to go home? Will those videos come back to haunt her? Will Malik even let her go?

Prom Night is action-packed, sexy, and shocking beyond belief.

Warning: This erotic thriller has innocent girls, older men, and plenty of hot, hard and unprotected group action.


Also, a BONUS story, The Newcomer, free for a limited time only.

Mandy has a big appetite for booze and men, and needs a strong man who won’t judge her for her lack of self control. Don Manley is just such a man.

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