Which cover do you like for Prom Night?


Here is the blurb:

Annabelle is sweet. She’s eighteen and innocent.

Before tonight, she’d never even spoken to a black man. Now it’s prom night and Malik is selling her to her best friend’s dad.

You know the worst part?

Annabelle wants it. She wants it bad.

Annabelle is in a pitched battle with her mother. Her father works long hours and doesn’t always have as much time for her as she’d like. When a tornado touches down in Carnal on prom night, her date takes her into the city where she meets Malik, a dangerous black man who can see right into her heart.

He knows what she wants. He knows what she’s capable of.

At first, she’s frightened. But then her prom date pulls some racist nonsense, and sweet Annabelle follows her heart. She goes back to Malik. He already has a woman and she’s not happy about sharing with anyone. Worse, one of Malik’s associates develops a crush on Annabelle. He wants her for himself, but Malik is a powerful man.

In the end, Annabelle will find herself in more trouble than she’d ever dreamed possible. Prostitution, public humiliation. Even murder. If she wants to come out of this intact, she will have to trust her family, her Carnal friends, and most of all …

She will have to trust herself.

Excerpt from Prom Night:

 “Take this off.” He slipped his finger under the lacy bodice, tugging it away from her tummy. It was a two-piece dress from Nordstrom that had cost Annabelle’s parents a fortune.

 Annabelle hugged her forearms to her chest. She wanted to do it, but like everything else tonight, it filled her with trepidation.

 “Does Malik know?” Annabelle asked. Her voice was breathless and small. She already knew the answer but wanted the comfort of hearing it again. She could barely meet her handler’s eyes, a young black man with a pitiless gaze.

 He snorted. “Malik know everything.”

Author’s note: This is an erotic thriller with innocent girls, older men, and plenty of hot, hard and unprotected group action.

*These are premade covers with fake titles/author names. If I buy one, I’ll add Prom Night and Huck Pilgrim.




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