Gabby needs a Gangster is on sale over at Excitica this weekend


Sometimes you just need a gangster! Get your copy of Gabby Needs a Gangster right now. But it’s only for this weekend.

Gabby lacks confidence. She compensates by dating rebellious young men who scoff at convention and flout the law. Unfortunately for Gabby, the burglary her boyfriend takes her on goes awry and she finds herself abandoned at the luxurious house of a local mobster. Gabby will have to rely on pools of confidence and resilience she didn’t know she had to get herself out of this mess. When the night is over she will emerge more confident and self-assured, but she may have to get in bed with the mob to get through this night.

If you want, leave me some feedback about the story. I am always interested in what readers think of the work.


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