Ain’t No Shame in Bein’ a Ho is free over at Excitica this weekend

Aint No Shame - High Resolution

Ain’t No Shame in Bein’ a Ho is free over at Excitica this weekend. But it’s only for this weekend. Go over now and get your copy.

Maverick teacher, Ryan Reeves, loves his students, and is willing to do anything to help inner city girls succeed. He is young, male and white. He grew up in a wealthy neighborhood in Connecticut, and now he is in the Bronx to help underprivileged girls succeed. Ryan wants his students to succeed not only in school, but in life. He has a secret methodology that actually works. He doesn’t judge the girls he meets in the Bronx. His only rule is that all the girls must all believe to achieve. Fair warning: Ryan Reeves is an alpha male, but he is no savior!

If you want, leave me some feedback about the story. I am always interested in what readers think of the work.


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