American Girl discounted only at Excitica this weekend!


American Girl is one of my favorite stories.

I wrote and rewrote it three times over the course of a few years to get it just the way I wanted it. Rafia Saad is a young woman driven by her desires. She’s fallen in with a bad crowd that uses her badly, but that just makes you a little more likely to feel pathos for her, despite the way she lets her needs drive her in this. I don’t know why I am infatuated with characters like Rafia. I don’t know why Carnal is populated with such terribly selfish people. It’s the only kind of erotic fiction I seem able to write. And in this one I just love how all the elements came together. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Huck loves to hear your thoughts.

American Girl is marked down this weekend, only at Excitica. Get it while it’s cheap!

2 thoughts on “American Girl discounted only at Excitica this weekend!

  1. I already own American Girl. I’ve read it twice.
    All Huck’s stories are dark and dirty – and this one is probably darker and dirtier than most.
    The reader feels sorry for Rafia, and also feels guilty for getting a little thrill as the story unfolds.


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