Orange You Glad? is on sale at Excitica this weekend!

Orange You Glad?

Orange You Glad? is the companion book to Cherry, Oh, Baby, by H.G. Lightly. You know you want this. Get it now, while it’s on sale.

Normally 2.99, now only 0.99.

Cherry has a plumbing problem and needs someone to snake her drain. Peter wants to enter virgin territory with Cherry, but will he be too late? And Tina has a chance to ride a wave with a cute surfer girl.

In Orange You Glad?, Cherry, Peter and Tina are back at it, trying to figure out how their Three’s Company situation will work out. The three-way was great, with everyone getting a little taste of something new, but now what? Peter still wants Cherry, and he’s not selfish; he’ll share. Tina wants Cherry, but she’s finding sharing to be more difficult than she’d thought; after all, she had Cherry first, doesn’t that count for something? Cherry doesn’t know what the hell she wants, but she does know she doesn’t want to choose. What’s worse, she doesn’t seem to want to limit the playing field; do lesbians still call themselves lesbians when they’re screwing everything in pants? Follow the adventures of our three fruity lovers as they journey through deliciously juicy territory.

3 thoughts on “Orange You Glad? is on sale at Excitica this weekend!

      1. You’re very welcome. I’ve still got a few from Smashwords I need to read and am working my way towards. 🙂


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