Bailey, the Family Pet, an erotic fantasy romance is available now


Bailey, the Family Pet is finally ready and I am so happy to present it.

In a world where biotech has given the human race a new hormone that allows people to transitions to pets, a middle aged man walks his young female pet through the park. She is eighteen, lean and nude. She walks at the end of a short leash. She can no longer speak. The hormones have taken that power from her. Her libido is raging on high. She eats kibble from a bowl in the garage. Human pets are the new Viagra. Bailey is one such pet. She is young and beautiful and her many friends from the Brynmoore swim club adore her. Why did she do it? Bailey has a terrible secret. Becoming a human pet is her last good hope for a satisfying life. Bailey the Family Pet is the tale of one woman’s quest to discover herself in a hostile world that’s new and constantly changing.

This book is a dark and gritty, a realistic erotic fantasy romance. It’s for adult readers only. If you like it, don’t forget to give it a review or leave a comment. Books with reviews do a little better in the market place.

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