The Mentor, a dark erotic thriller, is available now

The Mentor - High Resolution

The Mentor is ready and I can’t wait for you to finally read it.

Don Manley knows about self-destructive alcoholic behavior. He’s rugged and sharp, and has spent many years fighting his own demons. When gorgeous Denver walks into the AA meeting with her head hung low, he knows what she’s going through, but complicating her problem is her fear of losing her boyfriend. When she reaches out to Don on her darkest night, he knows he has to do something. He must convince Denver she’s worth more than one night stands with a man who only wants to use her. The clock is ticking. Time is running out. Unless someone finds the courage to act, Denver’s criminal boyfriend will put her on the street. Don knows the only thing that will save Denver is tough love, and he is the only man who can do it. He will have to convince her of her self worth whether she likes it or not.

This book is a dark and gritty, a realistic erotic thriller romance that’s for adult readers only. This time I put it in the Amazon Kindle select store, so if you’ve got a prime account, you can read it for free. Enjoy!

And don’t forget to give it a review or leave a comment. Books with reviews do a little better in the market place. I’ve got another story coming out that’s a little bit different. Keep coming back! I’ll post details soon.

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