Bench Warrant gets a new look


I’ve been fooling around with covers again. I’m so pleased with the results of the new American Girl cover, that I decided to spruce up Bench Warrant in a similar way. To go with the new art, I gave Bench Warrant a new subtitle, similar to the subtitle I used for American Girl, which now includes (Gangbanged and Dominated). For Bench Warrant I went with Bench Warrant (Humiliated and Gangbanged). Ha-ha, I should create a random word generator for these subtitles.

American Girl is getting a lot of action at Barnes & Noble. If it is because of the subtitle and cover art, I hope to reproduce the magic with Bench Warrant (Humiliated and Gangbanged). If it works, look for more subtitles and covers in the weeks to come. One down side of the suggestive subtitles is that Amazon makes them a little harder to find in searches. This is troubling, but probably for the best as the moral majority seems to search for naughty titles and rally against the most egregious. Which means no profits and no one wants that.

What do you think of the new look? Egregious subtitles? I want to know in a comment down below. If anyone wants to check out the work, leave me a comment and I’ll respond with a free code for Smashwords. Why? I’m just a nice guy. But I also really want to know what people are thinking.

You can get a copy of Bench Warrant with the new art at Amazon or Smashwords. I just uploaded it, so it’s going to take some time to propagate through the Smashwords distribution system.

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