She wants to be in pictures


This is Nicki Pearl.

She’s eighteen, about to graduate high school. When her father isn’t looking at porn, he worries about his little girl.

She just lost her mother and now she’s acting out. Her father thinks that maybe he ought to do something for little Nicki, but he’s not sure what. She’s taking pictures of herself, so maybe get her started on a modeling career? He asks one of the photographers from work to help him out. Meanwhile, he marries one of the make-up artists from work. This woman is really good in bed, but she’s not so good with Nicki. He insists his new wife pitch in to help his daughter in her modeling career. He marshals all his forces with a single goal in mind. He wants his little girl to be a success. A smash hit.

He is her father, after all.

You know what?

He gets his wish.

But then he wishes he didn’t get it.

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