Rainbow Party is free to celebrate spring

rainbowparty (2)

Rainbow Party is free for the next few weeks. I love this story. I love Carly and Sam, the two teenage girls this story revolves around. I want you to love it too.

Try it out!

It’s free at Smashwords right now.

Soon it will be free at the other stores too. We’ll see if Amazon gives it a match.

I’ve been sending this around to some publishers that last few weeks. Here is how I’m describing the story:

A rainbow party is a potent urban legend. After being discussed on Oprah a few years ago, it caused a moral panic in the US. I love the idea of a moral panic from a society obsessed with sex and the innocence of girls. While my story doesn’t delve too deeply into cultural attitudes around gay sex, it does focus on society’s reactionary attitudes about sex in general and offers what I hope is an optimistic conclusion about the sexual mores of young adults.

Meanwhile, the story manages to be pretty hot. And sweet. There is some heterosexual sex, but the story revolves around two female leads–Sam and Carly–who fall for one another by the end, and do a lot of lusty girl groping and female flesh mashing throughout. I really like Sam and Carly and hope you will too.

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