Free Erotic Books at Smashwords 2014 Read an Ebook Week Promotion

I running a promotion at Smashwords March 2 – March 8!

Here is how it works:

Go to one of the linked pages below (click the image) and use the code in the checkout.

Some of the codes are free. Some are almost free (75% off).

Some of the books were already free and remain free (you don’t need a code to download).


FREE with code RE100 at checkout:

A Good girl is an Easy Sacrificedirtybusiness-1500x2400 Five Finger Discount CoverMen's Room Orange You Glad?rainbow partydebutantes-fall  fame

Free with no codes at checkout:

americangirl18Bench WarrantCherry, Oh, BabyregretsHER LAST TRICK - HIGH RESSummer Shorts Summer Shorts 2Tricked001withRefection2

Seventy Five (75%) percent off with code REW75:

Dirty True Confessions SummerShorts3-corSummerShorts4-02

If you like the work, please consider adding a comment or rating.

Thanks so much!

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