A Snowball’s Chance Live at Smashwords


I just published A Snowball’s Chance over at Smashwords. This is the story of Jake Benson, a selfish bastard and father. He faces off with one Cho Jones, who Jake believes is innocent and sweet. He is wrong. Cho is just like Jake, only she is more competent. Much more competent. She is also a sweet little coed who always gets her man. And the man she wants is Billy Benson, Jake’s son. Read how she outwits the father of the boy she is interested in. You know how she does it? She uses a snowball for leverage. Hahaha, I love my job.

This title is in the big Smashwords July promotion, so you can read it for free, for the rest of this month, at Smashwords.

I have two more stories I have to publish. I’m going to do my best to get them marked up and in the tool before the end of the month. A Snowball’s Chance is published over at Amazon and is getting reviewed right now. Should be up in a day or two.

If you like the work, please give it a rating. Ratings sell books. Five star ratings make Huck smile. Don’t forget to rate. Don’t forget to review.

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