Bench Warrant gets a rewrite: 100% more freaky shame and humiliation

Bench Warrant!

With the help of all those clever smut dogs over at ERWA, I’ve re-written Bench Warrant. The new version is available right now, free, at Smashwords.

Read it now! Or download it for later. It is so much better.

I know that sounds terrible coming from me, but I’m really pleased with it. I want everyone to have it. If you already purchased Bench Warrant and you can’t find it for free at some point in the future, leave me a note and I will make getting you a free copy a priority.

I’m really pleased with the direction it went in the rewrite. I’m using a freaky Twilight Zone style narrator to set up an over the top, but more believable experience. I was listening to a radio program or something recently that talked about the episodes on Twilight Zone and how they seemed so realistic that when they introduced the otherworldly elements, you always felt like, maybe this could happen, maybe this is true. And it just really was a clever way to sell you on the concept and offer a disturbing or twisted ending. I want to do something similar, but with erotica. I think I found the right balance with Bench Warrant.

Gloria Dean still satisfies two officers in Carnal Park, but now her experience seems to be coupled with a more believable acceptance of her own base needs.

I hope you like it.

It’s publishing at Amazon and should be ready over there in just a few hours. It’ll make it into the Smashwords distribution channels (B&N, Apple, Sony) in the next few weeks. Look for the new revised cover (pictured) with the tag line “100% more freaky shame and humiliation.”

I also submitted it to Burning Book Press, which has a call out for men’s erotica. Bench Warrant comes from a young girl’s POV, but it totally fits the bill for male erotica. In some ways it’s a look at male bonding, the way cops partner up, and how they always seem to do a little bit of everything together–in this case, they “do” a lusty little perp named Gloria Dean. In other ways, it’s a satisfying look at the way social constructs force us to toe the line and the penalty for stepping out of line.

I really hope they pick it for their upcoming anthology, Best Men’s Erotica 2014!

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