He Sends His Regrets

He Sends His Regrets is in the March edition of  Story Gallery over at the Erotic Readers and Writers Association (ERWA).

I’ve been using the writing group hosted at ERWA, and those fine editors asked for permission to run this story in their monthly update to the website. What an honor for someone new to the group! I am humbled.

However, be warned: the story features rape and is not for the faint of heart. Here is the disclaimer ERWA is running at the top of the page:

Please note: “He Sends His Regrets” pushes the limits of content restrictions for [ERWA]. It contains a deeply disturbing depiction of rape, and regret. So why are we featuring this story? Because it is a powerful tale of remorse and shame, and a fine example of skillful writing from a talented author.

The story is only going to be available (on the ERWA site) during March in 2013. If you miss it, fear not! It’s a sneak peak from my upcoming collection Dirty True Confessions, which should be available . . .

real soon now. 🙂

I hope you like it.

EDIT: the March edition of Story Gallery is down, but you can read He Sends His Regrets in Dirty True Confessions (available now at Smashwords and Amazon).

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