The summer of FWAP promotion is still trucking. Earlier this evening, we got a price match from Amazon on MEN (which means MEN is free on Amazon now, too, as it is everywhere else). Meanwhile, American Girl and Bench Warrant are still free on Amazon and everywhere else.

Minor problems with distribution. At Sony all of our titles have mysteriously disappeared! At Kobo some of our titles are not free. Dirty Business still hasn’t appeared at Apple. But we’re not sweating the small stuff. We giving it away as fast as we can from all our other vendors.

Sill waiting for Dirty Business to take off at Amazon. So far it’s our most downloaded book on Smashwords (no small task as it’s our most recently published, too) and it’s gotten some nice feedback at B&N

We’re also re-working another edition of MEN to flesh out the story and add a little of the paranormal vibe we’ve been exploring in American Girl and Dirty Business. 

We think you’re going to like it.

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