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Much to his own chagrin, a straight boy ends up enjoying sex with a gay man. An adult work, Tricked is a single story from the Carnal series.

Here’s a short excerpt:

An Excerpt from “Tricked”

One of the men slips his hand onto Jimmy’s thigh.

Jimmy’s body goes tense, but he tries his best to act natural. Twists his lean frame, trying to protect his middle. His cock. Jesus, not here, he thinks. Not now. Jimmy can feel the weight of Sven’s hand on his leg. Although Jimmy is close to panic, he can also feel his dick swelling in his jeans. He glances at Sven, the man sitting next to him. So tall his knees tent up on either side of the hump that runs down the middle of the car. Blonde hair cut short, like a Marine. He speaks English with a clipped accent that Jimmy can’t place. With his hand still on Jimmy’s thigh, Sven bends his head toward the ear of the man on his other side— the only way to be heard above the din of wind noise that fills the car is to shout directly into the ear of the person you want to speak with.

Jimmy swallows and looks out his window.

Sven doesn’t move his hand, but he doesn’t remove it either. He sees Jimmy looking out the window. A good looking boy. Olive skin in sharp contrast to the ribbed white tank top. Boney shoulders, strong sinewy arms.

Gently squeezing Jimmy’s thigh, Sven lets go. Pulls his hand away.

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