Dirty Business

Dirty Business available now from Amazon and other e-book retailers. Here is a little taste:

An excerpt from “Dirty Business”

Veronica finished whispering to Donnell and then stood up. Donnell continued to look at the paperwork in front of him. Rubbing her hands on her thighs, she enjoyed the sensation of her own touch on the slippery material of her tights. Wondered how Donnell’s strong hands might feel on her body. He’d probably take her back upstairs and fuck her. Maybe ask her to bend over and suck his cock. The thought of trading sex for drugs sent an illicit thrill through her body. Her heart raced with anticipation and she took a slow, deep breath to calm herself. From as far back as she could remember, the idea of turning her body into a commodity—something with which she could barter and sell—had filled her with desire. In middle school, she’d sold kisses at all the cafeteria dances. A few years later, she’d let a bouncer surreptitiously grope between her legs to gain admittance for her and some friends to see a local bar band. Something about using her sex powers to establish her own financial independence, separate from her family, turned her on in a way that couldn’t compare to ordinary sex with her boyfriend.

“Anything?” Donnell asked. His voice was flat. He had still not looked up.

Veronica noticed Joe at the table. Recognizing him as one of her father’s partners, she felt a mild pang of shame. Her head felt light and she could feel the sexual tension gathering in her groin. She knew she might never come this close to acting out her fantasy again. Her friends at school would never have to know. She could she get away with things in Carnal that she wouldn’t attempt anywhere else.

“Sure, sure,” she said. “Sure.” Her voice sounded squeaky, high pitched.

Veronica had never slept with a black man before and the thought scared her and thrilled her all at the same time. She nodded and then grinned, as if these gestures could bolster her word. She licked her lips and swallowed.

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