Confess this!

Dirty True Confessions

It’s all about the confession. It’s all about the dirty, true, confession.

The first volume of Dirty True Confessions is live all over the place. I published it at Smashwords a few weeks back. It’s gone out to all the affiliates except for Apple. It may not show up at Apple.

It’s pretty raw stuff. But it’s real. It’s true. It’s dirty.

I’m going to start promoting it hard this month and through the summer. In addition to Dirty True Confessions, I’m going to publish each of its three stories as a single. Singles are what’s happening in e-books. The singles will be priced cheaper than the collection. A few of them may be free for a few weeks over the summer, to help me promote the book. I just did the covers last night. I’m working on the blurbs this week. I’ll post the singles at Smashwords to get the ball rolling and then post here.

I’m sure at least one of them will be free right off the bat. Which one should it be?

I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Here are the covers:

debutantes-fall regrets fame