Summer Shorts 2

Summer Shorts 2 features three erotic stories from the small town of Carnal, where it’s always burning, no matter what the season. You’ll find some of the same characters from the original Summer Shorts, as well as a few new ones.

In “Bench Warrant,” Gloria Dean is back. This time the police find Gloria in a compromising position in a public park. When the Canal police play “good cop, bad cop,” you better believe they aren’t looking for a confession. But sweet Gloria doesn’t know this. After she finishes satisfying the kind young officer, she realizes—much to her chagrin—that she just may have to ride the nightstick of the surly older cop, too.

In “Tricked,” Jimmy Manley learns something he didn’t know about hustling gay men from Roger Bones, a high school dropout and ne’er do well. For a small fee—and unbeknownst to poor Jimmy—Roger has offered some gay men from the local mall a taste of young Jimmy’s c–k. If Jimmy can hold it together, he will learn some surprising things about hustling gay men, Roger, and maybe even earn a few dollars for himself.

In “MENS,” Joanie Salinger returns, still angry with Roger Bones, her previous boyfriend, whose infidelity earlier this summer has essentially made her lose her mind. A eighteen year old senior from the local Catholic high school, Joanie’s fury knows no bounds. One of the nuns has suggested that Joanie find a creative outlet to take her mind of her pain. Joanie has decided to use her own body as a canvas, to create a masterpiece of sexual abandon. Hiding out in the Men’s room at a local high school basketball game, Joanie intends to give herself to the first boy through the door. Don Manley—Mr. Manley to Joanie—walks in and stands at the urinal.

Summer Shorts 2 is an adult work that features three short stories, totaling about 15,100 words or sixty printed pages.

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