July Sale Days Are Here My Friends

We’ve got some sales going on all over the place!

Amazon Summer Savings Days

Elle Needs to Eat is on a FREE giveaway from now until midnight on Thursday. Get your copy now! Consider that giveaway a warmup for the Needy Girls #3 bundle, which is on sale right now for only 0.99 cents USD until Thursday. If you’re in the UK, you can get Needy Girls #3 until Saturday (for the UK equivalent of the USD price). This bundle contains Elle Needs to EatFanny Needs a Father, and Casey Needs Ca$h.

Smashwords July Sale

And if you’re looking for more bargains (who isn’t?), go to Smashwords July sale, where you’ll find the entire Huck Pilgrim Presents catalog at 50% off until the end of July.

Enjoy your summer!

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