Needy Girls #3 is 99 cents for the next few days

Yes, another issue of the best needy girl stories! If you liked Needy Girls #1 and #2, you will LOVE this book.

Brought to you by the letters FC, and E, this book contains the full text of Fanny Needs a FatherCasey Needs Ca$h, and Elle Needs to Eat.

Stay tuned as Huck Pilgrim Presents intends to create stories for the entire alphabet!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to read these:

  • Allie Needs an Audition
  • Betty Needs a Bull
  • Casey Needs Ca$h
  • Donna Needs a Drink
  • Elle Needs to Eat
  • Fanny Needs a Father
  • Gabby Needs a Gangster
  • Jennifer Needs a Job
  • Marley Needs a Meal

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