If you keep your hands busy, you won’t touch your face

Two new covers for you to check out

James is my cover guy and I use him for all my Needy Girl collections. These covers are always very oral: lips, tongues, sexy pouts, incisors. You get the picture (har, har). When I finish the next story, tentatively titled, Elle Needs to Eat, I’m going to combine it with Fanny Needs a Father and Casey Needs Ca$h, and that, my friend, will be Needy Girls #3. That’s coming up, in the next few days (weeks) as soon as I can find some time to write the ending, get it edited, and produce the book.

I’m just super excited about the new covers, especially #3 above. I selected this one last year, but I didn’t title it until recently, because I saw #4 pop up in the latest batch of covers from James, who lives in Spain and is spending all his free time inside right now, making new covers. Good luck James! If you need a cover or know anyone who could use a lovely new cover, go see James at Go On Write.

James is the man for all your cover needs.

Meanwhile, I wanted to get a link in front of you guys for discounts on the current group of Needy Girl collections at Smashwords. For the next few weeks, these books are 60% (as well as everything else).

So enjoy!

Keep your hands busy. Har, har. Good luck and stay safe everyone.

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