The Education of Gloria Dean is available for preorder now!

I’m very excited to announce that The Education of Gloria Dean is available for preorder now. It’s scheduled to publish in just a few weeks, November 15. For a limited time only, this full-length novel is only 0.99 cents.

Get your preorder now!

I will post more about the story in the weeks to come, but for now here is the blurb I am using to promote this story:

Jim Hart has been on the run since he was a boy. A heroin addict from a small town somewhere in the Rust Belt, he has a terrible secret he’s been hiding most of his life. He prostituted himself as a boy and he liked it. The shame tears him apart, propelling him into a life of drugs, prostitution, and excess.

Gloria Dean is a single mother with her own sordid tales from growing up: a scandal at her high school; an affair with her next-door neighbor; a series of betrayals that force her from small-town life in Pennsylvania onto the cold streets of New York City.

They fall for one another and Jim soon realizes they have a lot in common. But Gloria knows things about life Jim doesn’t. Fortunately for him, she is willing to share. And now you, too, can share her experience. Based on a true story, The Education of Gloria Dean is the journey of two unlikely heroes who share a powerful connection of sexual shame and exploitation. Their roller-coaster relationship explodes in unchecked desire on the page, fueling a unique healing power in its aftermath. These two desperate characters, both of whom have suffered so much humiliation, search to their deepest depths, explore their truest selves, and persevere towards a more wholesome recovery. Hold your breath, because this is real: what follows are the most shocking stories these two have to offer; their barest, most base secrets of lust and desire.

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