A Piece of Cindy

GET IT FOR 99 CENTS, limited time only. 

This story contains mature situations intended for adults.

It’s Cindy birthday and she longs for a big love. She’s not feeling the love from her parents. Her mom is a little crazy. She claims to be a Cajun dream walker. Her dad, Thunder, left the family and moved into a small apartment in the same town.

A little piece of Cindy is dying in this crappy little town one birthday at a time.

Cindy’s best friend, Julie, invites a bunch of their friends to Billie’s to celebrate. Cindy gladly accepts, hoping for a little adventure. At the bar, everything goes sideways. A little adventure becomes much more – from forbidden acts with friends to a life-and-death struggle that wakens something in Cindy she never dreamed possible.

Cindy can walk in dreams!

Now, using the power that she didn’t believe was real, Cindy must enter a dangerous dream world to save Julie from a terrible fate.

Tonight, Cindy discovers her hidden power or suffers a fate worse than death.

Tonight, Cindy finds a big love, or lives a lie in a small town where on one is who they seem.

GET IT FOR 99 CENTS, limited time only. 

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