A new cover and blurb for The Neighbors Will Talk

unnamed *

These three girls will break your heart!

Gloria Dean. Inexperienced. A runaway. Tries to start a new life in Carnal, but she can’t run away from herself. Donnell must never discover what she did with Joe Murphy.

Rafia Saad. Pure. An outsider. Wants to be more like her American friends. Her family can never know what she did with the football team at Veronica’s party.

Veronica Smith. Reckless. A brat. Lives in a cocoon of wealth and privilege. Screws up a lot, but always manages to skate out of trouble.

Until now.

Four connected stories about the secret sex lives of innocent girls in a small town. In the thrilling climax, Veronica finds herself pitted against Donnell and his entire crew of virile black men.

A brat meets her match!

Explicit sexy urban fiction taut with suspense. Some gang-related violence. Spoiler: the girls all make it through in the end.

* This image is from James collection of pre-made images. (I haven’t had him add my title yet.) So, instead of Fear Bites by Emma Brownie, it will say The Neighbors Will Talk by Huck Pilgrim. I’m wondering if it needs a tagline?

James is the man and a hell of a musician.


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