Tough Love on Sale RIGHT NOW


Tough Love is on sale right now at Amazon. I’m only going to mark it down for a few days. If you’d like a FREE review copy (ARC), I can send it to you. I just ask that you promise to write an honest review on Amazon before the end of the month. If you can do that, write me. I will happily send you a copy. Let me know what format you’d like: Kindle (mobi), iPad/iPhone (epub), or PDF.

Maynor Smith’s got a keen eye for the kind of images his customers want. Allison is beautiful and young and Maynor has known her family for a long time. He just learned that sweet Allison’s father threw her out of the house for using drugs. Maynor knows he can use her, but his conscience is already killing him. Allison wants her family back, but her drug problem is too great to bear alone. How low will Allison have to sink before she gets her life on track? Will she perform sexual favors on camera with her former coach for millions of men to watch? Will she allow Maynor to exploit her? Will one afternoon under the hot studio lights solve both their problems?

You bet it will!

But it will require an afternoon of smoking hot fun, or it might not work!

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