So Bailey, the Family Pet got adult filtered at Amazon

Bailey--525x840So Bailey got adult filtered at Amazon.

This means that the book won’t show up in searches, even if you know the name, much less if you stumble upon it. It’s basically hidden from all customers. So of course I fight it. I am the general and my titles are my troops. Amazon is the battle ground. My job is to get all my titles across the bridge, into the reader’s hands. Hahah, I love that analogy. I stole that analogy from a wild-haired poet alcoholic (or is it alcoholic poet?) from San Francisco, who was describing his dealings with an editor as he tried to assemble his first anthology.

Anyhow, I got Amazon to relent. They said the cover was the issue, so I changed it, even though I believe the cover for Bailey is one of my favorite covers. The model is so gorgeous! The colors so delightful. Now it has a big black box across the young womans crotch and thighs. I’m sure that will not improve sales! If you click through on the image in this post, you can see what it looks like. It’s better than being filtered.

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