I’m trying to decide on a new cover. It’s for a story called The Dirty Trick and it’s a real romp. One girl plays a mean trick on another, and it’s a night of exhibitionism and group sex neither will forget.

So I was thinking this one:


These covers are from my friend James over at GoOnWrite.com. You should definitely use James for your premade cover needs. (The text on the image is just placeholder. If I purchase, he puts my title and name).

I wonder if The Pleaser is too racy? I don’t want to get banned. Covers are too expensive and the margins too slim to risk buying a cover if there is even a small chance it will get a book banned.

So here are some others that Mrs. Pilgrim likes for this title:


I’m not sure about the one with the two women, because they look wrong somehow. Too tough looking and grizzled for this story of innocents. But I rather like the shocked expression on the other.

What do you guys think?

And do tell me why, if you can think of an answer.

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