The Neighbors Will Talk, only 99 cents for a limited time

Neighbors Will Talk - High Resolution

It’s coming together and I can’t wait until you guys can read it. Get your copy now.

It’s only 99 cents now, but that price won’t last forever. It’s on pre-release now, and it will be available on June 1, 2016. If you order it now, it will help the rank of the book, and make me smile.

You will get a serious discount.

When it goes on sale, I’m not sure what I’ll price it at, but I know it will be more.


Does that seem fair?

I will have to decide. I know you’re going to like it!

Here is the new blurb I just posted on Amazon.

When a young woman reaches the age of consent, she finds herself on the edge of something big.

Most girls navigate this time in their life without any problem. They meet older men who treat them with respect. They find confidants and mentors who help them make good choices.

Sometimes, however, that doesn’t happen.

Some girls find themselves thrust into a difficult situation, a place she can only escape by enduring sexual humiliations heaped upon her, either by her own hands or someone else’s. This book contains the stories of girls who struggle this way.

Each of them will have to lose it all to get to the other side.

Each of them will have to look inside to discover resources they didn’t know existed.

Gloria Dean is dating Donnell, a small-town drug dealer. Because he is black, Gloria’s family has ostracized her, making her vulnerable.

Rafia Saad is an immigrant, determined to fit in with her American friends. Her father insists she dress modestly and act chaste, like all good little Lebanese girls, but this only steels her resolve.

If you like shamefully hot stories of girls struggling to make sense of their sex powers, The Neighbors Will Talk is for you. It’s a collection of connected stories from Carnal, the small town on the edge of desire. This summer a married man goes too far with his babysitter, a young woman can’t stop cheating on her boyfriend, and another girl takes on an entire football team at an all-night party.

And then there’s the aftermath . . .

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