Stranger Than Fiction by Delores Swallows

Stranger than Fiction 200x300 (72dpi)

Delighted to introduce one of my fellow authors, Delores Swallows!

Today Delores releases onto the unsuspecting public a most fascinating erotic story. It’s Stranger Than Fiction (and it really is). Get this: Ole’ Huck Pilgrim and his work make a cameo in Delores’s fine new work! That’s right. You are reading and suddenly you’re confronted with a Huck Pilgrim, and his tales of a love and abandon in the small town of Carnal.

When Delores first approaches me with the idea I was flattered. Who wouldn’t be? And then a few weeks (months?, days?) later, I got to read the story. It’s such a delight!

From the front cover:

James writes erotic fiction. His latest story describes the adventures of Ruby, a happily-married woman in an open relationship. When James writes a sex-scene which leaves Ruby unsatisfied, she turns up in his real life to demand more from her encounters.

Ruby’s presence starts to impact on James’s relationship with his wife, with embarrassing consequences…

And of course old Ruby suggests maybe she might come on over to Huck Pilgrim Presents for an author who knows how to show a character a good time. Hahah, I love it. You will too. I am just hoping Ruby shows up tonight, after I shut down the computer and make my way to bed.

But, seriously, fans, check out Stranger Than Fiction.

It’s available where ever quality porn, er, EROTICA, is sold. Right now I can only find it at Selena’s, but soon it will be all over. And if you see Ruby before I do, tell her Huck is at the computer ready to rumble!

One thought on “Stranger Than Fiction by Delores Swallows

  1. Thanks Huck.
    I’m really grateful that you let me make references to Carnal. I think it’s exactly the sort of town where Ruby would love to visit – and we both know why !!



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