Gabby Needs a Gangster is live for your reading pleasure


New work!

You know you want to read it!

Here is the tag line for Gabby Needs a Gangster:

A troubled girl gets caught red handed and must get in bed with the mob!

Hell yes! Go on, get it! I’ll help you out with a free coupon from Smashwords. Put Gabby Needs a Gangster in your shopping cart at Smashwords, and then use this code: KV29V

This code is good until July 12, 2015.

If you visit this page and find the coupon expired, you can get another by simply leaving a comment and asking for one. I’m really big on being generous. I have to be. Many people have been generous with old Huckie.

Keep coming back to the blog. I’ve got more new work coming and more giveaways planed.

And remember, if you like the work, or if you have any thoughts at all about the work, please leave a comment, either here or on of the book sales sites like Amazon or Smashwords. Books with reviews tend to do a little better in the market. Plus it makes Huckie feel all good inside.

And Happy Father’s Day America!

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