How to make a pornographer’s day


I submitted Rainbow Party to an online contest, and found this lovely gem of a comment this afternoon:

I will give you one thing, Huck, you are a daring man. I’ve never read anything by you that wasn’t ambitious, controversial, and served raw with the red part showing.

For my part, I love your style. It’s great. Like a gut punch, it takes your breath away and leaves you open-mouthed, ready for the ram-rod of tight, true, uncomfortable stories that you always seem to have on the menu.

Your stories are unapologetic, fiercely so, painfully so, at times. Yet, this story was sexy and sensual and sinister and sweet, all at once.

I don’t know how many fans you will make with your writing–it’s fucking sentence sandpaper, abrasive and rough–but count me as one.

I think you have a ton of talent. This was an excellent story, as colorful and hard to swallow as the dicks at that party.

There you have it my friends. A pornographer’s day has been made!




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