Huck Pilgrim gets in bed with Selena Kitt (so to speak…)

I am so proud to announce that Dirty Business has been accepted by eXcessica for publication. If you didn’t know, the amazing Selena Kitt is the owner and publisher at eXcessica. I traded a few emails with her last week and let me tell you, dear reader, Huck is pumped. Selena is one of my favorite authors. I read UNDER MR. NOLAN’S BED and could not put it down people. It’s an amazing, powerful, HOT, erotic story.

I am feeling so privileged and blessed to get to work with such a talented author.

But why am I publishing Dirty Business with eXcessica when it’s been available for the last two years? Ah, that’s the thing. The latest rewrite of Dirty Business got it banned from Amazon. After two years in the Kindle store, Amazon blocked it. I lose all my reviews and history. I am bummed. As I was discussing this sorry state of affairs, one of my contacts at ERWA, the talented and wise Lisabet Sarai, suggested trying to get Selena’s help.

I submitted and the rest is, as they say, history. Selena gave me some advice on the blurb, the title and the cover art. If you’ve been following along, you know that Dirty Business is one of my most troublesome titles. It was also banned over at Apple right out of the gate. Selena distributes to a wider set of venues that I do with my little smashwords and Amazon accounts, so I am hopeful that this partnership will be a good and profitable thing for both me and eXcesscia.

I’m just really tickled to work with such a pro.

I can’t wait to see Dirty Business go out under the eXcessica flag. It just feels awesome to be selected, you know?

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