The trick with writing about being prostituted by a high school friend

I just updated my story Tricked with the help of the good people at ERWA.

Here is what I discovered in rewriting Tricked, one of the first stories I wrote. Let me clarify that Tricked is fiction, but it’s based on something that happened to me when I was about fifteen. When I sent it to my writing group, one of my favorite readers commented that a sad paragraph toward the end didn’t fit with the rest of the story.

I realized she was absolutely right!

The original ending had Jimmy thinking about all the emotional turmoil he’d gone through to get to the point where he felt good about receiving head from a man. However, none of that turmoil is a part of the story. I realized that I was working at cross purposes — trying to articulate my complicated feelings about being prostituted by my friend and trying to create a hot, horny m/m sex story.

What I realized is this: I needed to step back from one or the other. I could either write an essay on being pimped out by my friend, or I could let Jimmy (the character) own his story about having sex with a man.

I did the later with Tricked.

I’m so pleased with how it turned out. Jimmy is a little wiser about his friend Roger Bones, but he’s also a little more willing to allow the smoky nature of his sexuality to show him what it needs. I really like Jimmy. He’s a much stronger kid than I ever was. I can’t wait to write fresh stories about him.

So I feel like I’m really learning. It’s a good update to what was already a pretty good story. Now it’s even better. I’m just so pleased with the help I’m getting from the good folks at ERWA.

And I’d like you to benefit too. That’s why I’m making Tricked FREE right now over at Smashwords.

Go check it out.

If you like it, leave me a note here on the blog, a rating or a review on Smashwords. Once Smashwords distributes it, I’ll go for a price match on Amazon. Thank you and enjoy!

Huck Pilgrim

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