Boys, Boys, Boys

Show World Center

Cattycorner from the Port Authority, three glorious floors of girls. I liked to stroll through the main floor, then go upstairs. Live Models Working Their Way Thru College 25 Cents.

My first times in the shop, I didn’t see the staircase to the basement. It was loud down there, raucous. I crept down the stairs, poked my head inside.

All the noise stopped, the girls looked at me.

One girl had the slender waist of a teen, her shorts far below her navel. Cut shoulders, slender, muscled arms. The silence humbled me. I plodded ahead.

Someone laughed, a deep hearty sound, and the boisterous celebration resumed.

I felt relieved. Free to look around: Sweaty breasts, narrow hips. Platinum wigs. Halfway through the hall, a girl put her shoulder into my back, pushed me into a booth.

I laughed to mask my alarm.

She mashed her soft breasts into my chest, cupped my cock in her hand. I wanted to kiss her, taste her breath, her tongue—but she held back.

Which confused me, until I got to the end of the hall.

Where a muscular black girl grinned—

lowered her panties, raised her skirt

—and showed me her cock.

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