Proud to present our latest title, A Good Girl is an Easy Sacrifice

A Good girl

This is the cover from our latest story.

A Good Girl is an Easy Sacrifice is the story of Johnny Manley. He has moved from the small town of Carnal to NYC for unknown reasons.

Johnny wants to be able to fall in love, but somehow it never seems to work out. He is a nice guy, a real sweetheart. His problem is that he has unrealistic expectations about women. He’s a romantic. He loves good girls and it’s killing him. Slowly, surely, tearing him apart. Johnny needs to reach down inside and find a way to assert himself with the ladies. Tonight he plans to do exactly that.

Read it!

We published it on Smashwords and Amazon.

For the near future, we have it FREE on Smashwords.

Go to Smashwords, download and read it, then leave a quick comment and a rating. We really want the ratings. Ratings really help us sell the work, which is why we offer try to offer new titles free for the first few weeks. When it goes on sale, it will still be a reasonable price.

I’m still pulling Dirty True Confessions together, but it’s coming along fine. I just need to write a quick introduction and then I’ll publish it. Meanwhile, enjoy the new work!

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