Pilgrim Press Gets a Logo


Well, we’re working with a guy. And he’s good.

But, and this is the thing, he’s hard to get a hold of. I was discussing the deal with him the other night and the IRC server died. He put together a few initial suggestions (pictured). I want a banner image for the blog and a square image for the Pilgrim Press profile picture on Smashwords and wherever else.

These fonts look fine, but it’s not finished.

The artist based them on my requirements of sexy and dark. He had originally asked for three qualifiers but I couldn’t think of a third at the time. Now I realize, we need something a little more playful. Sexy and dark could be stories that feature nothing but rape and nobody wants that.

The image needs more FUN. Something PLAYFUL

I propose some nipples in the space over the L and the G in Pilgrim. Or maybe an ass crack unobtrusively slipped in somewhere. Maybe the head of a cock in the P in Press? I don’t know. But I’m hope to keep working with the guy and come up with something good.

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